Welcome to the “Boozang from the Trenches” book site

The book “Boozang from the Trenches” is in construction on the LeanPub platform, here I want to keep you posted and get feedback while writing it. Make sure you subscribe to my Blog posts.

The book idea is to complement the documentation already available on boozang.com with real life examples and practical tips on automating end to end scenarios in an enterprise context.

Boozang is a Codeless Web Test Automation tool that is powerful and easy to use. It integrates easily with JIRA and XRay, and with Jenkins for your CI/CD pipeline. It is well suited for agile teams and it can be used by developers, testers, and other team members with a minimal technical background. Want to know more about it? Visit boozang.com

We wrote a success case with the great team at Xpand-it.com. Boozang integrates easily with XRay for JIRA allowing to keep your Gherkin scenarios in JIRA and the step implementation in Boozang.

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